A Broad Review of SparkNotes.com

At one point in their study life, students may find themselves struggling with their studies. Homework, before everyone could afford a computer and internet, used to be such a nightmare. Nowadays, a student may have access to more than one device with an internet connection. With the emergence of websites such as www.sparknotes.com and others similar, homework has become manageable. These sites are of tremendous help to students. The founders of the website were Harvard alumni.

With sparknotes.com, students can search endless works on literature, and the results they get are limitless. From all the sparknotes reviews that we have come across, almost all of them term the site as a leading study guide in today’s time. The most significant reason aside from aiding with homework assignments is the fact that it’s free. Many students tend to rely on it since they have nothing to lose anyway.

Agenda of sparksnotes.com

You may have the right intentions of reading your textbooks without disruptions, but, nothing that you study just makes any sense to you. The agenda of the site is to help a student make sense of their homework. They aim to help develop a nation of book smart young students. Their intentions are well placed. The conflicting factor though lays in the fact that since they offer almost every solution to all the assignments, it then becomes easy for a student to abuse the site. The irony of sparknotes com is that it was originally developed to aid in cheating. They have since changed the aim of the service to helping students understand better.

Services at www.sparknotes.com

It is a pretty straightforward site. You can tell from visiting the site that they do have an extensive library with plenty of titles available. The guides are of all subject areas including, sociology, poetry, film, health, short stories, drama, biology, chemistry, and many more. You just have to pick a topic. The distracting factor about sparknotes com is the fact that they are also an entertainment blog (Sparklife). We all know how lacking the attention span of students these days can be. They always want to keep up with the trending pop culture news. Well, it may be hard for one to fully concentrate with a juicy headline staring right back at them.

There is a lot that sparknotes com has to offer:

  • They have context of a book
  • They do critical analysis of main characters
  • Motifs and symbols
  • The plot view
  • They provide character lists
  • Individual chapter summary and analysis
  • They provide essay topics
  • They offer study topics

Bear in mind that as much as they offer these services among many others, www.sparknotes.com does not provide essay writing services. They also have an app version to make it easier to access the service on mobile devices. They have loaded it with 50 pieces of their literature. You can use it both online and offline. With a simple free sign up process, you will be able to enjoy all the above-listed services.

Controversies about sparknotes com

Is sparknotes.com a teaching guide or still a cheating site? As much as the page is still trying to disassociate their image with cheating, some parents and teachers still view it is as such. What are the mechanisms that you they have put in place to monitor proper use of the academic guide? A student would just buy a textbook with the intention of never reading it because they have guides like sparknotes com and the like to help do their groundwork.

Another controversy that we came across as we were writing this sparknotes review was; if an educator does not have a problem with the learning web page, then how much are they supposed to encourage or discourage the usage of the website? For example, if a student turns to sparknotes.com to refresh their previously read chapter, then that is the proper way of utilizing the guide.

The fact that all the resources of the page are free and readily available, it will take a lot more than backlash to convince the students that knowledge acquired from study guides instead of an original book is superficial and wrong.

Customer Service at sparknotes.com

They’ve not provided an active phone number where you can reach them. They only have an email address. They have given out their social media accounts which are Facebook, Twitter, and Tumble; which from this sparknotes review, we’ve uncovered are not that active. If you have any remarks, all you can do is wait for a response.


The online study guide is extremely user-friendly. Even for those with minimal computer skills, they will find it easy to navigate all through the site. It is unrealistic for teachers and guardians to expect students to turn away from a site that offers them help in all aspects of their learning. The truth is, there are no working mechanisms that www.sparknotes.com have put in place to hinder students from using their content as is. The only way to avoid the abuse of the tool is by a joint effort from all parties, the parents, teachers, and students to curb this weakness and have our kids do their homework the old school way.

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