A Detailed Review of Ultius.com


Ultius.com is an online writing Company that offers writing services to students who are looking for a helper to assist them to write their assignments. It is a friendly website and very easy to use. The site is straightforward about creating your order. The Company has been on the market since 2010. Ultius.com reviews are quite controversial as students have had different experiences with the services that they got. Some students think that it is reliable, convenient, and delivers high quality assignments. Others complain that they were not satisfied with the results and that the work was full of grammatical and formatting errors. Some said they do not keep their deadline while charging high prices.

It is vital to find out more about the services offered by the company in an impartial way. This ultius review will go into great detail.

Services Offered by Ultius

When students are looking for a site to use, they are keen to find out the services that are provided by the company. Ultius.com has a variety of services they provide to an average student.

They have three group categories which include:

Academic Writing

The site has writers who will help you write all types of essays, research papers, thesis, term papers, speeches, reports, case studies, reviews, etc.


Whether you have a ready assignment or not, you can always ask Ulticus to proofread, rewrite, format, or edit your work for you.

Business Writing

If you are looking for a professionally written resume, a business plan, college admission or cover letter, ultius will offer you the services.

Customer Support

Students prefer a website that’s prompt in answering any queries that they might have. They like to know that they can quickly reach the person aiding them. Well, for a site charging so much, this is not the case here.

They do not allow direct contact with the writers. Ulticus.com has a live chat which is supposed to be a quick and convenient way to reach them. However, the live chat requires you to submit your name, email and a reason for wanting to chat before you can access the support. The agents are not fast in giving you response, and sometimes your questions can go unanswered. Sometimes the live chat is offline from time to time and not available 24/7.

Their phones work well, but the support teams are not so attentive when you try getting an update on your order. They are also on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The site needs to put more effort in offering better customer service to its customers.

Prices and Discounts

The site is pretty easy to use as they have an automated calculator to help you know the costs. Ulticus.com pricing policy is upfront payment and does not include any hidden charges. On their website, they offer a discount code with a 15% off to customers making their first order. Making payment is easy. You only need to fill in your information and select the type of paper that you want. They accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and America Express. However, the prices are unreasonable for an average student. The four categories include High school, Undergraduate, Masters, and Doctoral. The prices range from $18 to $80 per page. Some of their prices are as follows:

If you have a two days deadline, you will be required to pay the following charges:

  • High school level – $32 per page
  • Undergraduate level – $33 per page
  • Masters level – $43 per page
  • Doctoral level – $57 per page

And if it is a 12 hours deadline, the charges are as follows:

  • High school level – $39 per page
  • Undergraduate level – $42 per page
  • Masters level – $70 per page
  • Doctoral level – $57 per page

From the above prices, it is clear to see that these costs cannot be considered affordable for every student who’s looking for writing services. For people looking for services such as business writing, if you have a 12 hours deadline then you are looking at a rate of $125 to get your resume written. A CV will cost you $150 and $80 for a cover letter.

Your final charge on your order depends on the number of pages, deadline, and the quality level of the paper. It is also essential to notice that the site does not guarantee you a writer if you want your writing done in the shortest time possible, so, if you have a short deadline, this is not the site for you. They do have a Money Back Guarantee, but it is not an easy procedure to get your money back in case they don’t deliver.

Quality Evaluation

Considering that they charge high prices for their papers, the student expects a high quality paper. Their essays are okay, and their ideas are unique. Though there have been complaints here and there about their style – it’s too basic.


When looking for a website that offers confidentiality, Ulticus.com is the website that you want. They take the security and discretion of students very seriously. They make sure that they do not share the student’s information with their writers. You are only visible on the site as a client with a unique ID. The editors are also trained to do away with messages that contain information of their customers. So your identity is kept private.


It’s crucial for a student to ask themselves, Is Ultius safe? When placing an order, you want to make sure that you have a writer who will get you the best grades. The website states they only hire qualified American writers from credited institutions. Ulticus.com uses an excellent method when filtering for their candidates. Many of the ultiucs.om reviews have both positive and negative criticism. Some students say that the essays they got were unique and of high quality and got excellent results after. Some had concerns that they got plagiarized and low quality work.

Additional Features

The website has a blog section with a variety of useful articles on interesting topics. It is worth exploring. Students can also check PDF samples of different papers before purchasing an order.


Is Ultius legit? That is the ultimate question for any student looking for writing services. Ulticus.com is a legit company offering numerous services on their site. They have both advantages and their disadvantages.

The prices that they charge cannot be termed affordable for an ordinary student. The fact that you cannot communicate with your writer instantly if you have an issue with your assignment makes the website not be your first choice. The deadlines also seemed a problem with most students, as some of them have had a bad experience getting their tasks on time from the website.

Ulticus has a lot of improvements to make before they can be considered an experienced writing service. The quality of the services they offer to students’ needs to be of a high standard considering the rate that they charge. If they are to take into account the negatives that the students are concerned about, maybe they can be a real competition in the market in future. As for now, they get a 6/10 rating.

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