There are similar varieties of services that are offered by different websites. cliffs notes stand out as they are the pioneer founder of study guide company which began in 1998. Seeing students reach their potential is what they strive to accomplish when helping them understand reading a book on any topic.

Writers at cliffs notes

The website hires professional teachers and professors who have vast experience in understanding what the needs of a student are. cliffs notes has worked towards reaching a wide range of subscribers, e.g., high school, college, college, grad school students as well as career professionals.

Services Offered by cliffnotes

Students often find themselves preparing for exams from time to time They will look for sites that can give them tips on how to ace their tests. assists such students. They aid students to study for professional and standardized examinations. If you want to excel in SAT, ACT, GRE among other tests, they give you tips on what to do. Their quick review of the following subjects is another way to pass: English, Algebra, Biology, Spanish, Anatomy and Physiology, U.S history, Sociology, Economics and Accounting Principles.

The website is user-friendly and easy for any first-time clients to maneuver. They do the summarization of their content in a beautiful manner, brief, and to the point. cliff notes review from subscribers, however, have had a negative impact on the use of the site. This is because they’ve found the advertisements pop-ups that keep appearing very distracting and irritating. Many students complained of losing focus when it happens.

The services that they offer for literature review guidebooks are many and include:

  • CliffsApp: This is an advanced study guide including action to plan, exercises, reviews and test-taking strategies.
  • CliffsComplete: This contains notes and commentaries for their clients.
  • Cliffs Study Solver: This helps students learn by mastering approach to grammar, algebra, Spanish and other topics.
  • Study Guides: They not only help the students understand the vital topics for subjects but also have the advanced subjects like chemistry, statistics, etc.
  • Cliffs Quick Review: It is a quick and straightforward reference tool for information on academic subjects.
  • Shakespeare on the Double: This comes with the original Shakespeare test which is a contemporary English version of author’s books.
  • Cliffs Test Prep: This helps students prepare for exams. It offers the guidelines for SAT, GRE, ACT, GMAT, Praxis, etc.
  • Student Life: This social blog brings life to the website. It moves from educational topics and focuses mainly on entertainment features.
  • Mobile App: Charge a small fee of $1.99 and is only available for iPhone, IPad, and iPod touch users.

Quality of Services at cliffnotes

Cliffnotes aimed to come up with ways to help students study their books with ease. The experience that they’ve had over the years makes them capable of coming up with methods of helping students. Whether cliffsnotes com is a book cheating service provider is something that has brought a lot of debate. The site has stood to its ground. They maintain that they only want to help student’s excel.

The truth of the matter is if students use clifffsnotes summaries without actually reading the book, then they are cheating. If used after the student has finished reading a book first, it can be a tool worthy for a student to have.

Pricing at cliffs notes

All the services offered by cliffnotes are free. The advertising that they do brings in the revenue for their site. Since is a popular site, traffic is always on their page.

Customer Service at cliffsnotes

The site has an email address that their subscribers leave their messages to inquire for any queries. They are also on the social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook where they update regularly. However, if you have a pressing question needing immediate feedback, cliffnotes will let you down.


From this cliff notes review, it is clear to see that it is a leading website in the academic sector. Staying current and relevant is as a result of the knowledge that they have attained over the years. Their advantage of the rest is that cliffsnotes offers a variety of services on different subjects. A lot of the features are free.

Whether or not is a cheating tool for students; there are positives to take home. You only need to sign up and get all the study guidelines that you need. Furthermore, there have been positive reviews from different clients who have used the site. The only thing that they can work on is to introduce a direct phone number or live chat to help their clients feel at ease more. But, it is safe to say that cliffs notes have played a significant role in providing proper study guidelines to clients.

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