EduBirdie Review

Some argue that the students today have become more lazy, less bright, or whatever it is why they supposedly turn to third-party assistance when it comes to academic writing. Whether or not it is a present-day phenomenon is a disputable issue, but the fact is that there is demand for such services, and there is overwhelming supply out there. As such, it should be regulated by the laws of the market – a good service provider can demand a fair price for their service, and a bad one gets off the market. For better or worse, this particular niche is not so well-regulated. Basically, if anything goes wrong, an abused customer has nowhere to seek justice. Given such circumstances, it seems like the only way to tell a reliable custom essay writing company from a bad one is to look what other people have to say about it, i.e., read customer testimonials and reviews. If you find yourself in need of custom academic writing, today we are pleased to present you our review.

Merely googling things like “custom essay writing” will just leave you staring at the overwhelming amount of search results, each claiming better than the other. It makes a little more sense to look for a reliable service provider in this niche at places where real-life people discuss such issues – for example, Reddit. There, you see that EduBirdie enjoys quite a reputation. The students tend to praise it for its professionalism, punctuality, etc. So, we thought that it only makes sense to go and see for ourselves how EduBirdie works.

Any experience with such a company will start with its website. The website has to be pleasant-looking and easily navigable. So far so good, is just that. It’s nothing original and looks like several other similar niche websites, also developed by Boosta company, but one cannot complain about its user-friendliness. For starters, you can immediately choose the kind of assignment you want them to do for you and type your email address for them to get back to you and specify the details of your order. You also immediately get the idea of how much it will cost you: the prices begin with $18 for one page. Frankly speaking, there are cheaper offers out there, but it might just be worth it.

You can also place your order and give all the relevant details to EduBirdie’s customer support agent available via live chat. The chat window opens automatically when you log on the website, and – to the support’s credit – the agent answers instantly and comprehensively. Among other perks on the website, you have the opportunity to get acquainted with their staff writers. They are represented by nicknames, photos, and some of their work statistics, including the number of finished projects and the testimonials. This should help you pick the right author to trust your order to.

We have browsed through some writer profiles and picked the one that seemed the most suitable for our order – a simple 5-page essay in Ancient History. It was nothing special, just a regular essay that any student should be able to come up with themselves, unless they have something more important to do. We wanted the deadline to be pressing, but not too pressing, so we set it to three days.

Among other perks, EduBirdie offers unlimited free revisions. So, it was logical for us to assume that the very first draft they come up with will be splendid. Unfortunately, it turned out that we were misguided into believing so. The first draft – which we did receive in three days’ time – was not as well-written as we expected, so we had to take benefit of EduBirdie’s free revisions policy a couple of times before we got what we initially wanted. Needless to say that, considering all these revisions, it took more than three days to complete the project. So, if it had been a real-life deadline, it would have been blown.

Some professors are more understanding than others and they will stretch the deadline when they can. However, even the friendliest and most understanding professor is powerless when the paper is poorly written. Sadly, the essay that we got from EduBirdie was just that, according to a history professor that we have asked for an expert opinion.

To sum up our EduBirdie review, our experience with this company turned out to be less than satisfying. As we have mentioned, $18 per page is a higher rate than the average on the market. There are many custom writing companies out there that charge less and deliver better, so it should be quite possible to find a better and more reliable writing company to trust your academic success with.

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