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The website enotes is a leading player in the online academic resource guides service. It was founded in 1998 purely out of love for Shakespeare and classical literature. It has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington, where it serves millions of clients worldwide. The site www enotes com is the brainchild of two people, Brad Satoris and Alex Bloomingdale.
They started off as AllShakespeare.com then changed to AllHemingway.com, then Allpoe.com before settling on eNotes .com. According to Satoris, enotes is a one-stop shop for students and teachers who teach or study complex and classical works, their analysis and summaries.

The website has rapidly grown over the years and is currently ranked amongst the top 500 online. Due to the demand for quality literature works from clients, www enotes com employs hundreds of staff some have studied English major, and others are professors in colleges. They focus mainly on literature, coming up with new study guides lesson plans and answering questions from students on a regular basis. The website is always seeking qualified teachers and graduates to join their team. They also need academic writers who will come up with content for the site as well as answer academic questions from its subscribers. The site aims to share the vast knowledge of its staff with its subscribers.

Services Offered at enotes

The website provides a wide range of services depending on what you need. Some of its popular ones however include:

Literature guides. Students, most of the time, will read what a teacher asks and will not make an effort to understand the content. Learning literature requires that the students comprehend what they learn. Literature guides are an excellent source of information and guidance especially if you’re at home with no teacher around to ask a question.

Teaching guides. Enotes provides teachers with lesson plans and classroom resources easing the stress and time of coming up with one all on your own.

Homework help. enotes Homework Help is a service where vetted tutors assist students in understanding their school work. All a student has to do is upload a question, and their certified experts will answer as soon as possible.

They also allow a visitor to try out an enotes free trial before determining if they wish to join the site. With a free trial, you access the entire educational database, but you cannot download any material until you subscribe.

Pricing and Remuneration at enotes

For clients, there are some enotes accounts suited for either students or teachers. For teachers, an annual subscription will cost them $199.99 and 24.99 for a month. It comes with hundreds of lesson plans thousands of documents and teaching resources.

Students’ charges are for either a basic or plus account. The main difference is:

  • Enotes basic. It comes with over 300,000 homework help answers, 4 pdf downloads a month and more than 30,000 study guides. The content is free of advertisements. This service goes from as low as $4.17 a month and $49.99 annually.
  • Enotes plus. This package contains more than 30,000 study guides, 300,000 homework help answers, a 20% discount, 10 downloads each month and ad-free content. It one goes from $8.33 monthly and $99.99 yearly.

If you only want to ask questions, a single one can cost you from $10 depending on the urgency. You can wait for 48 hours or just 3 hours. For those that want to be enotes educators, you get paid between $4 and $37 depending on your qualification and bids by students.

The site accepts payments through PayPal, Amazon pay and Apple pay. They also take any credit or debit card with an American Express, Discover Network, Visa or MasterCard logo.

Criticisms of enotes

There are a couple of enotes review that share complaints from previous users. The main one is the site does not offer much help for subjects outside history and literature. But what are enotes? From the founder’s section on the website, they say that they started the company out of their passion for classical works and Shakespeare. So this criticism is expected. The other complaints that users posted is getting charges although they canceled their subscription during their free trial. If this is the case, the website should look into it as such factors paint a negative picture of them, especially when the aggrieved parties post their grievances online for everybody to see.


The site is user-friendly with easy navigation tools. The theme color blends well with their writing fonts giving it a professional look. Many teachers, however, complain that students are using the site to cheat on their assignments. The site agrees that indeed there is a possibility of abuse from students. But this problem is not unique to the website as students will always try and find a way to make their lives easier. The best advice is that students should cite their sources correctly instead of trying to pass someone else’s work as their own.

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