How to write a sentence essay

how to write an essay

Essay on the statement is a short essay in which you can demonstrate your knowledge not only in a particular discipline, but also information from related scientific subjects.


  1. Choose one statement from those that are proposed as topics for the examination paper on which you will write an essay. It is important that it is clear and close to you. Remember that in order to substantiate your position regarding these words, you will need to make clear arguments, and not just appeal to the fact that “it is immoral” or “in modern life it does not make sense.” Think about the knowledge in which areas you have to include this information in the rationale.
  2. Expand the meaning of the statement. To do this, simply describe what the author wanted to say with these lines, as you see it. For each person, the same words mean different things, so your version cannot be right or wrong, any adequate thought has the right to exist. Write exactly in the context given by the scientific subject on which the essay is written. For example, it is not necessary to disclose the essence of the value added tax in the legal sense, if in the statement he refers only to the economic aspect.
  3. Give arguments for your judgment. To do this, use the knowledge gained in the process of studying other sciences, but do not “dwell on” this information. Additional justification is good if it only underlines your rightness. For example, when writing an essay on the statements of political figures, be sure to remember which historical events could affect his beliefs.
  4. Formulate your own point of view about the statement. If you partially or completely disagree, suggest your own phrase. Be sure to argue with what exactly you do not agree, and why your position is more appropriate. Rely on your own experience, on the facts of social life.
  5. Make the main conclusions in the final part of the essay, you can list them in a list.

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